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Natural Health with the Top 10 Essential Oils

When I first started using  essential oils, I started with an enrollment kit called the Family Physician Kit. The name has since been changed to the Family Essentials Kit, but the oils are the same. Here are the top 10 oils:

Lavender is considered a must have oil to always have on hand. It's great for easing feelings of tension, promotes a restful sleep, and soothes occasional skin irritations. I use my lavender roller to calm my son when he's overly hyper and at night we diffuse it to promote a restful sleep. I also like to rub it on the bottoms of my feet to help calm my mind before bed. 
Lemon is an uplifting and refreshing oil. I drink a drop in my water all day long, everyday. You can cook with it and clean it. Lemon makes an amazing cleaner and also removes anything sticky. I have used it to clean grease off my stove and then turned around and baked cookies with it. Lemon is extremely versatile. Peppermint is another oil we use in our house on a regular basis. It's grea…

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