Emotions and Essential Oils

I'm so excited to teach the Emotions and Essential Oils class tonight! Emotions are so important to our everyday living. We can wake up in a good mood and in a split second our whole day can be ruined by some stranger cutting us off in traffic, a cancelled appointment that you were looking forward to, or a phone call delivering sad news. Whatever the case, we are dealing with our emotions constantly throughout the day, everyday. And this applies to EVERYONE. Not just women, but men and children too.

After I had our son, I was going through a funk. Depression. Whatever you want to call it, and I wasn't really surprised. I had gone through a very traumatic delivery, we had just sold our house and moved into a rental (which happened to be a very small apartment inside a barn),  my husband was working long hours and in his spare time working on our cabin that we were trying to move into, AND I had a newborn. I had never really been around children that much in my life, so needless to say, I was scared.

Fast forward 10 months to when a dear friend of mine introduced me to essential oils. Now I can't imagine living our life a day without these little blessings. Our entire family uses them and I want to help everyone I meet to empower themselves like we are.

Are you curious how essential oils can help you, a friend or family member? Join me tonight, 8 pm MTN time. I'm hosting a free class on Zoom. Just CLICK HERE.

Hope to see you tonight!


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